About Us

Austen Estates is a real-estate brokerage and property management company specializing in renting single-family homes in the Columbus Ohio metropolitan area.
Their mission is to provide outstanding housing and affordable living environments for a wide-range of renters.

Vera Thornhill, Real Estate Broker Vera Thornhill is a real estate broker. She is in charge of Leasing, bookkeeping and billing.
Randy Edwards, Mechanical Engineer Randy Edwards is a mechanical engineer. He is in charge of  maintenance.
 Prateek Verma is the office manager. He is in charge of leasing, maintenance and public relations.

Here is a list of some of the types of people we work with:


We rent single family homes in Columbus Ohio and the surrounding suburbs.

Home Buyers

We work with home buyers or who want to purchase a personal residence. The advantage to our company is we can get you the best price around if you are willing to do a little redecorating. We specialize in bank owned. You can save tens of thousands of dollars with a little bit of carpet and paint. 


We also work with people who want to sell their homes. We put it in the Multiple Listing Service where thousands of other realtors search for homes for their home buyers. This is a great advantage over those who try to sell themselves.

 Property Owners

Austen Estates has been managing property since 1986. If you are moving and can’t sell your house in the slow real estate market try renting it until the property values come back up. There are many advantages to using a professional broker over doing it yourself. We advertise the property for you. We screen the prospective tenants and do credit checks. We allow multiple ways for the tenants to pay, including credit cards. You also save money on maintenance because we have tested contractors that give our company a discount.


We also work with investors who want to purchase real estate for long term growth and cash flow. Everyone is talking about the decline in real estate prices and increase in foreclosures. The facts are that the economy is cyclical and this is probably the best time in your whole life to BUY real estate. If you are a beginner, we can do everything: recommend financing, find a suitable property geared to you goals and situation, find and screen tenants, arrange any necessary maintenance, collect your rent and provide year end statements etc.

 Seasoned Investors

If you are already a seasoned investor we can take over the management of your property. Perhaps you want to retire, or spend more time with your family or concentrate on your job or another business. If you have a special situation feel free to email or call the Broker personally. Our prices are as follows:

    •  If we find you a property, 6% realtor’s commission; we cooperate with other realtors.
    •  If the property needs rehabbing, cost plus 10%. We save you money with our high volume discounts.
    • When leasing we charge 1st month’s rent when leasing (minimum $500). We pay for your advertising. Lease renewals with the same tenant are $50.
    •  After it’s leased we charge 8% of rent per month. (minimum $50).
    • Ordinary maintenance is cost plus 10%. We save you money with our contractors.
  • 6% realtor’s commission when you sell the house. We cooperate with other realtors.


We are always looking for excellent realtors to join our company. We offer a generous commission split. Compare us to any other broker in town. You will be pleasantly surprised. There are 2 choices of compensation.

  1. 80% to you and 20% to us or
  2. $350 per month where you keep 100% commission with no hidden fees.

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