Pay Rent

We make it as easy as possible to pay rent. You may deposit your rent money in any Huntington Bank branch. They are conveniently located all around town. Your deposit shows up on our online banking the next business day. This is much quicker and easier than mailing a check. You may deposit cash or check,if there are sufficient funds to cover it in your bank account. The bounced check fee is $35 and the late fee is $50, so be careful. Bounced checks are very expensive, not to mention your bank fees.

All residents get preprinted deposit slips mailed to them. If you are running low call the office at 614-467-4560 and we will send you more right away, but do not let that stop you from paying your rent on time. You can always fill out a blank form at the bank with the appropriate account number on it. ALWAYS WRITE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS ON THE DEPOSIT SLIP!, so we know the rent is from you, otherwise it will not get credited to your account until you call us and verify the date and the amount. Every month a few people forget to write their name and address on the deposit slip then we send them late notices because we think they have not paid.

Rent is due before 5:00 pm on the 5th of the month. Sometimes the 5th falls on a weekend. In that case it is your responsibility to pay the rent BEFORE the weekend so you will not be charged a late fee. The late fee is $50.00 There is an additional late fee of $300 if your rent is more that 30 days late.

If you are out of deposit slips you may print out your deposit slip below. Make sure you use your correct landlord’s company so it goes into the right bank account. Thank

Call the office if you need the account number or more deposit slips.