Maintenance Job

Maintenance Job Opening

We are in need of people to do repairs, maintenance and service calls on our properties. We could use people with skills in Carpentry, Electricity, HVAC, Painting, Plumbing, Yard Work, Grass Cutting, Trash Removal, Etc.

You would need to have reliable transportation and your own tools.

Some of the things that are important to us:

  1. You must have the skills to get the job done
  2. You must take pride in your work and do a good job
  3. You must get the job done and finish it and do not leave it half done.
  4. You must be honest and trustworthy. You will be going into peoples houses and the residents need to be able to trust you and feel like they and their belongings are safe.
  5. You also need to be Honest with us if something goes wrong. Everyone makes mistakes, recognizing and correcting them is fine, pretending it didn’t happen is not.
  6. You must be reliable and show up when you say you will be there. People stay home and wait around. If you don’t show up or are running late, call because it messes up people’s schedule and annoys the residents.

The independent contractor pay starts at $14.00 per hour or can be paid by the job after a training period.

This is a part time position which can go to full time depending on skills.

Applicants can email their contact info and the skills they have learned in school and from real life experience to

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